Pastoral Oversight ≠ Authoritarianism

Some representing a particular branch of the Reformed Baptist world have recently made a great number of negative claims about certain other RB pastors and churches.  I do not expect that those who have been spoken against will publicly defend themselves, and I am in no position to take up the specific accusations myself.

However, I do want to provide some primary sources which will put to rest any implications that the practice of Pastoral oversight or the doctrine of parity in the eldership are tantamount to authoritarianism.  I am currently attempting to gain permission to post some excellent original sources for the doctrine of parity.  I will post them soon if I am able.


Let us first set the record straight on Biblical Pastoral Oversight.  Here are links to four lectures by Pastor A.N. Martin on the topic.  Please listen to them for yourselves and I believe you will see that there is nothing in them that has anything to do with sinful authoritarian pastoring.

The Essence of Biblical Oversight

The Disposition of Biblical Oversight part 1

The Disposition of Biblical Oversight part 2

The Biblical Importance of Oversight

His Throne is Forever and Ever!