Rules For Peace

While I can see some possible exceptions to #29, these are indeed excellent rules to live by if we truly desire Biblical unity! Thank you Dave Chanski and Paul Gordon!


The following are 31 Rules for Peace presented by Pastor Dave Chanski at the 2014 Trinity Pastor’s Conference:

1. I will aim to never cause or create sinful divisions among God’s people.

2. I will mortify the sins that tend to result in division and disunity.
a. Pride
b. Self-love
c. Touchiness
d. Anger and bitterness
e. Paronoia/assuming evil
f. Rigidity
g. Rashness
h. Willfulness
I. Inconsistency; carelessness in keeping a clear conscience
j. Jealousy and envy
K. Covetousness
l. Contentiousness
m. Gossip

3. I will be reluctant to believe a negative report about a brother.

4. I will not judge a brother guilty until I know the facts.

5. I will cover as many sins as I can with a blanket of love.

6. I will deal with people with patience and gentleness, including when they have sinned.

7. I will seek to win an offending brother through openly…

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